Our Story

SolaOla LLC, is our Concept House, a brand of creative goods and home of the Solaola Scrunchie. Before becoming a brand, SolaOla was a gift of self-love which gradually became a beautiful online community.

Just before the world changed, I moved to a small apartment in Santo Domingo and the purpose of my days was to make my space and my outfit as comfortable as possible. During the pandemic, just like most people, I spent most of the year at home, where my fashion pieces were limited to pajamas, a pulled up high tail and I changed my purses for pillows. I wanted to have scrunchies that could make me feel pretty and take care of my hair, but oh my, how hard it was to get them! It was then when I said, "Make yourself a scrunchie at home!" My friends saw it, and they instantly loved it. So, suddenly, SolaOla was born, we kept adding new items and products, it has now become a brand with 3 divisions: Accessories, Home and Pets.

When I was a child, painting and creating art took me to “The Zone”, I have always liked to create something beautiful out of nothing and use my art to evoke feelings in people. Now that we've started creating accessories, I'm able to do what I love and incorporate art into everything we do at SolaOla. 

We're sure you'll love our products, as much as we love creating them! 

Solaola Products

We craft products that we are proud of. Taking into consideration each detail, as colors, fabrics, and sizes to be a perfect fit.

All our designs and goods selection are carefully picked to be durable and cohesive with your lifestyle and home vibes.

Our Products

Unique Designs, Intentionally Curated

Everything you will find in our store has its own character. You’ll be in love with our unique designs and curated styles!

Today, we proudly handcraft all our products in our hometown: Dominican Republic.